Terms of Service

Last updated July 25, 2022

We have a few simple rules when signing up to be an affiliate or referrer with Mighty Networks:

  1. You cannot self-refer — all legitimate referrals must be to unique individuals who do not already have Mighty Networks.
  2. You only receive a referral commission if a Host signs up from your link and upgrades to a paid plan.
  3. Mighty Networks reserves the right to withhold a commission and remove you from the program at any point (but we don’t want to, so like...be cool).
  4. You cannot run ads using our brand terms/against our brand terms or act in any way that implies that you are officially representing Mighty Networks or employed by Mighty Networks.
  5. Payouts are generated at the top of each month, so affiliates may expect a commission via PayPal by the middle of each month.

We’re experimenting with these programs frequently, so we may change the terms as we learn more! Please note that we will communicate with you when we do. 

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Terms of Service